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Best Fruit Dessert Pizza Recipes

Pizza for dessert?  Yes!   Serve these fruit dessert pizza recipes and amaze your family and friends.

best fruit dessert pizza recipes

Raspberry Cheese Pizza

And what could be easier? Take your favorite pie shell or pizza dough and top it with our creative fruit toppings. No canned pie fillings here. In fact, we show you how to use fresh or frozen fruit to create flavors that pop out.

Who started the trend?

Honestly, we have no idea who first make a dessert pizza. Whoever it was, he or she might be a culinary genius! Or perhaps a fruit farmer offering more choices to customers.

Our first taste of Fruit Dessert Pizza happened at a local pizza restaurant that was part of a chain. Apple Crisp Pizza, far too sugary, but absolutely delicious called us back to the table.

Adjust the sweetness?

Yes! You control the amount of sugar. (Yes, we encourage you to reduce or add, as your taste buds dictate.) Some fruit tastes a bit sweeter than the next batch. It’s your kitchen. And your creation. Use our recipes as a base. And then allow yourself the freedom to explore.

Which fruit?

Again, your choice! While our Apple Crisp Pizza stands out as is, you may certainly create a peach crisp, if you choose. Really, you know your family’s favorites. Use our base recipes to create your own masterpiece.

And of course, you might choose to use the basic recipe as a template. Rather than making the fruit topping, some choose to use canned pie filling. In a time crunch, that certainly will work.

However, we believe that once you see how easy our “from scratch” method is and enjoy that flavor that pops, we doubt you will reach for the pie filling can. In fact, you might decide to donate those cans to your local food pantry.

Make your own canned filling

But, if you want to have the best of both worlds, you can! These delicious fruit pies can be batch-made and stored in your freezer. With the crust and filling frozen and stored separately, all you need is the time to thaw, assemble, and bake! What could be simpler?

Serving Suggestions

Just like your traditional pizza, these dessert pies function well cut into small slices for eager fingers to grab. To kick them up a notch, serve on a dessert plate with a scoop of ice cream. Or perhaps a dollop of whipped cream.

best fruit dessert pizza recipes

Apple Crisp Pizza




To really dress up the dinner finale, make it into a sundae! Yes, top with a scoop of ice cream and add your favorite toppings. Some ideas include chopped nuts, marashino cherries, chocolate chips, or maybe colored sugar sprinkled on top. Then topdress with whipped cream. A cherry on top? Sure, why not?


Is it always round?

Absolutely not! You probably know what Sicilian pizza looks like. That rectangular, cheese-topped crust can transform into a dessert pizza. Just follow the directions, but form your dough into a rectangle.

Other shape options include individual pies, often round, but you choose your favorite. Or perhaps the shape is defined by the season. Can you make an Easter Egg shaped pie? May a Christmas Tree?

Read on for the directions to this delightful treat. Once you try it, you won’t want to order in again!


Best Fruit Dessert Pizza Recipes:


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