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Dessert Recipes with PeachesDelicious!

Peaches rank as one of American’s favorite fruit.  August, National Peach Month, calls for delicious dessert recipes with peaches featured. These seven are among our family favorites. In fact, we enjoy them year-round!

But peaches bring more to the table than delicious, juicy flavor. In fact, they host many health benefits. Yes, your favorite dessert might also help boost your nutrition! Luscious, juicy peaches combine great flavor with health benefits. What could be better? Celebrate National Peach Month with these dessert recipes with peaches as the star components. And while you wait for your creations to finish baking, enjoy our fun facts!  (see below)

Great Fresh or Baked!


Before we begin, let’s agree that although we love these fruits fresh, they dress up nicely in our favorite baked dishes. And yes, sometimes they need to accompany our main dishes, too.

Peach harvest happens in the USA from summer to fall. But with some foresight, we enjoy them year-round. Still, the best time to grab these delightful fruits is when they are tree-ripened.


And now…. The Dessert Recipes with Peaches

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Peach Cobbler Dessert Recipes

Luscious Peach Crisp or Crumble Recipes


Fun Facts About Peaches

  • Peaches grow wild in China. In fact, China is the only place that true wild peaches are found. Unlike its domestic cousin, wild peach fruit stays quite small and is sour and very fuzzy.


  • The variety of the peach, not the color, determines the actual flavor of the peach.


  • Unlike some other fruit, flowers appear on the tree before the leaves. Each flower consists of 5 pink petals.


  • The Romans called the peaches “Persian Apples”, thus naming them after the country that introduced peaches to the West.
  • Early Peach Travels:
    • Spaniards originally brought peaches to South America.
    • The French introduced them to Louisiana.
    • English settlers took them to their Jamestown and Massachusetts colonies.
    • On his second and third voyages, Columbus brought peach trees to America to ensure continual harvests of the prized fruit.


  • China is the largest world producer of peaches, with Italy second.


  • California produces more than 50% of the peaches in the United States. The state produces 175 different varieties.



  • To ripen peaches easily, place them in a brown paper bag for two to three days.


  • Although some think nectarines are a different species or a cross between a peach and a plum, they are actually just a smooth-skinned variety of a peach.


  • Like the apricot and the plum, the peach belongs to the rose family (Rosaceae), known for its velvety skin.


  • Known as stone fruit, It is classified as a drupe, a fruit with a hard stone.


  • The term, “you’re a real peach” originated from the tradition of giving a peach to a friend you liked.


  • Enjoyed by many, the peach holds the distinction of being the third most popular fruit grown in America.


  • Though not the largest producer, the United States provides about one-quarter(25%) of the world’s total supply of fresh peaches


  • The World’s Largest Peach is located in Gaffney, South Carolina. While not edible, it weighs over 10,000 pounds.  The city of Gaffney, near Greenville, built this water tower in the shape of a peach back in 1981.

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