Why Best Baking Tips?

My own mother inspired best baking tips. An avid cook and baker, Mom ensured her daughters and son learned the skills, too.

I grew up in a family where every child learned to cook and bake in much the same way that we learn to walk and talk, right by Mom’s side. My mother was a fantastic baker of almost all types of foods. Her breads won first place each year at the county fair. Each year, friends and family received special baked goods including Christmas breads for the holidays. She even found a willing market to sell breads to earn a bit extra money for our family.

While I just assumed everyone grew up like I did with plenty of kitchen time with mom, I later learned that was not the case. In fact, many people have never experienced the enjoyment of mixing flour with other ingredients and producing homemade cookies, breads, and pastries. I was amazed when so many of my college friends had never baked at all.

With my own family, the story is much the same as when I was a child. Each child was encouraged to help in the kitchen. And most went on to enter baked goods at our county and district fairs, competitions they often won. In fact, two of my sons invented the “magic oven” concept to allow them to do demonstrations of baked foods. Our younger daughter used the concept, too.

Not Everyone Has Had the Experiences

In fact, it seems many never learned to cook and bake with a parent in the kitchen. While most in my parent’s generation learned as they grew, too many in my generation and younger have not. While the groceries and restaurants benefit from this lack of knowledge, the individuals and their families do not.

Some cuisines don’t utilize baking much, if at all. However, many of us enjoy baked goods from breads to desserts. In fact, we create entire meals in our ovens.

And without the experience, many lack the confidence to jump in and begin baking. So the oven remains unused.

We Set Our Goals to Help YOU!


And the goal of Best Baking Tips is to bridge that gap and enable everyone to enjoy home baked breads, desserts, and entire meals. Each week, we bring you new recipes, as well as articles about techniques that will help you become a confident baker.

We will also be discussing ingredients. Is bread flour different than unbleached flour? Should I choose coarse or fine cornmeal? When should I use unsalted butter?

Product reviews will help guide you to finding the right tools for best results, too. Often, the baker’s craft relies on using the proper tool for the task at hand.

In fact, while the new baker will find step-by-step guidance at Best Baking Tips, more seasoned bakers will find our information helpful, too.

Additionally, each baker, new and established, will enjoy the countless recipes that we add each week. We invite you to sign up for our newsletter to receive updates and special notices. Chock full of news and information to help you, it is always FREE to receive and will never include spam.


If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,


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