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KBS Pro Stainless Steel Bread Machine Review: Our Choice!

If you’re on the lookout for an easy way to enjoy homemade bread, you might want to consider the KBS Pro Stainless Steel Bread Machine. After giving it a spin, we were quite taken with its versatility and the ease with which we could prepare a range of bread types and other baked goods.

With its 17-in-1 program settings, this kitchen gadget does more than just bake bread. It becomes a handy partner for everything from jam to yogurt, cake, and even pizza dough.

We found the non-stick ceramic pan particularly impressive for its health-conscious design, chemical-free, and simple to clean. The 710W motor is strong and operates quietly, so much so that it won’t disturb your sleep while it kneads the night away. The inclusion of an automatic fruit and nut dispenser is a smart touch, releasing ingredients at just the right moment without any intervention needed.

KBS Pro Stainless Steel Bread Machine

The convenience factor of the KBS Bread Machine is bolstered by a 15-hour delay timer, which means waking up to the smell of fresh bread is as simple as pressing a few buttons before bed. The 1-hour keep warm feature ensures your loaf stays toasty if you’re not ready to eat right away. All the while, the sleek stainless steel exterior isn’t just for looks. It distributes heat evenly for a perfect crust every time


Bottom Line

Our experience tells us that the KBS Pro Bread Machine is a reliable choice for anyone who values convenience, variety, and health in their baking endeavors.

With its host of user-friendly features and a solid build, it’s a bread maker that promises fresh, delicious results.

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Overview of the KBS Pro Stainless Steel Bread Machine

In our experience, the KBS Pro makes a solid addition to any kitchen, especially if you enjoy the aroma of fresh-baked bread. It handles a variety of bread types with its 17 built-in programs, which is quite impressive for an at-home appliance. Using the machine feels intuitive, thanks to a user-friendly digital touch panel that makes selecting settings a breeze.

We particularly love the convenience of the fruit and nut dispenser, which smartly adds ingredients at just the right moment during the mixing process. This kind of automation means we can get on with our day without having to babysit the machine. Waking up to fresh bread is effortless with the 15-hour delay timer, and the ‘keep warm’ function ensures it’s toasty when you’re ready to eat.

The ceramic nonstick pan is a real highlight. Not only does it assure us that our bread is free from chemicals like BPA and Teflon, but it’s also easy to clean, and the bread comes out with the perfect crust every time.

We’ve found it to be a powerful, yet surprisingly quiet, device. The 710W motor kneads dough efficiently, and the machine’s overall design delivers a quick and even bake.

It’s packed with handy accessories, including an extra kneading paddle and a recipe book that inspires even the most novice bakers to try new things. The manufacturer’s commitment to quality is clear, with a long warranty and responsive customer support.

While we appreciate the high-quality stainless steel construction and the robust features, the machine is rather sizeable, so make sure you’ve got the counter space.



Versatile Baking Programs

Having put this bread machine through its paces, we’ve found its variety of baking programs to be a standout feature. Imagine waking up to the aroma of fresh French bread one day and, perhaps, indulging in a sweet, homemade cake the next. This is the flexibility the KBS bread machine offers.

Across 17 different settings, our ability to craft everything from whole wheat loaves to gluten-free treats is notably impressive. The ‘Quick bake’ option is particularly useful, as it delivers bread in under 1.5 hours for those rushed mornings.

We appreciate the attention given to health with the inclusion of a non-stick ceramic pan, ensuring a chemical-free crust and an even bake every time. Thanks to the quiet motor, it’s a relief not to be woken up by the machine. Plus, the fruit and nut dispenser is a clever addition, mixing in extra ingredients at just the right moment without any manual intervention.

Our experiences also highlight the convenience of the 15-hour timer and the bread’s warm-keeping function. These features lend themselves to a seamless bread-making process, where we can set our preferences and come back to perfectly warm bread at our leisure. While these programs cater to a spectrum of baking needs, the ease and predictability of delicious results win us over.



Health-Conscious Baking with Non-Stick Ceramic Pan

In our quest for healthier home-baked bread, we’ve discovered that the non-stick ceramic pan in the KBS bread machine offers several benefits. Unlike some baking ware that relies on chemical coatings, the ceramic pan in this machine is 100% free of BPA, Teflon, and PTFE, providing peace of mind for us and fellow health-conscious bakers.

Bread machines are often a convenience, but health can sometimes be a concern with non-stick surfaces. However, our experience with this particular bread machine reassured us that we could indulge in baking without compromising health standards. The ceramic pan is designed to distribute heat evenly for a better bake, which is evident in the consistently fluffy bread with a desirable crust that it produces.

We especially appreciate how the ceramic pan makes cleanup almost effortless. Even after multiple uses, the bread loaf slides out smoothly, leaving little behind. This practical benefit saves us time and preserves the pan’s condition over time.

What’s more, the powerful motor kneads the dough thoroughly yet quietly, so there’s no early morning racket or feeling like the machine is disrupting our home environment. With the 15-hour timer, we could wake up or come home to freshly baked bread without rushing our schedule.

While the overall performance is commendable, we have noted that the bread machine takes up a fair amount of counter space, so it’s worth considering kitchen size before purchase. It’s also a bit on the higher end of the bread machine market regarding price, so it’s an investment for those serious about their bread baking.

Overall, our experiences with this machine point to it being a solid choice for those wanting to bake their bread with health and convenience in mind.



Innovative Automatic Add-Ins Dispenser

When making bread with a variety of ingredients, timing is everything. That’s why the automatic add-in dispenser on the KBS Pro Bread Machine is so handy.

We’ve found that it impeccably adds nuts, fruits, or seeds at the right time in the baking process, ensuring even distribution within the loaf. No more reminders or setting timers to incorporate extras manually. This feature takes care of it.

However, it’s important to note that while the dispenser is quite reliable, the size and stickiness of your add-ins should be considered. Very sticky or wet ingredients might not dispense as cleanly as dry ones. This calls for a little experimentation on our part to find the perfect combinations and proportions.

Thankfully, the convenience it offers can be a game-changer for busy folks who love multi-grain or fruit-laden bread but don’t have the time to monitor the baking process. This feature allows us to load the ingredients simply, select the program, and let the machine work its magic, giving us more time to focus on other tasks while a fresh loaf is being prepared.



Intuitive Digital Controls and Programming

Navigating through the settings of the KBS Pro Stainless Steel Bread Machine is a breeze with its digital touch panel. We found the interface to be user-friendly, displaying options clearly and allowing for a quick selection of cycles, crust, and loaf sizes.

The bread machine boasts a variety of programs that cater to different bread-making needs — from French bread to whole wheat and even gluten-free options.

We appreciate how the machine simplifies the baking process with its smart programming. The automatic fruit and nut dispenser is a game-changer. It intuitively adds ingredients at the right time without us having to monitor it.

Moreover, the ability to program a delayed start of up to 15 hours is a real plus, enabling us to wake up to the aroma of fresh bread. After baking, the 1-hour keep-warm feature is handy to maintain the bread’s freshness until we’re ready to eat.

Despite the many advantages, we noticed that the motor noise was observable during the kneading phase but not excessively loud. Some users may expect complete silence, but we see it as a minor trade-off for the convenience of freshly baked bread at home.

Overall, our experience with the bread machine’s digital controls and programming was positive, underscoring its reliability and ease of use.



Pros and Cons

Having spent some quality time with the KBS Pro Bread Machine, we’ve gathered our thoughts to help you weigh the good with the less ideal aspects of this kitchen appliance.


  • Versatile Baking Programs: We found the 17 preset options quite handy, transcending beyond bread to include jam, yogurt, and cakes, which diversifies your home baking without extra gadgets.
  • Healthier Non-stick Option: The ceramic pan is a standout feature. It’s non-stick without the chemicals, making clean-up a breeze and giving us peace of mind regarding health safety.
  • Convenient Features: The automatic nut and fruit dispenser is a thoughtful addition. It alleviates the need to monitor and add ingredients at just the right time.
  • User-Friendly Interface: We appreciated the digital touch panel’s intuitiveness. Selecting settings was straightforward, even for those of us who aren’t as tech-savvy.
  • Quiet Operation: The machine operates quietly enough that it does not disrupt our household, which any noise-sensitive person will appreciate.
  • Bread Quality: Our bread consistently turned out delicious with a satisfying crust and texture, thanks to the 360-degree baking and varied crust color options.


  • Slightly Noisy Kneading: While overall quiet, the kneading process does produce some noise. It’s not disruptive, but something to note if your kitchen is near your sleep space.
  • Learning Curve: First-time users might need a few tries to get accustomed to the machine’s settings and baking cycles for optimal results.
  • Size and Counter Space: It’s a bit bulky, so if you’re tight on kitchen space, you might find its footprint a factor to consider.
  • Limited Long Fermentation: Some experienced bakers noted that the preset options don’t allow for a longer fermentation, which may affect the development of some bread flavors.



Ease of Cleaning and Product Care

After countless batches of bread ranging from French to Whole Wheat, we can attest to the convenience of the KBS Bread Machine’s cleaning process. The non-stick ceramic pan is a true game-changer, ensuring no flour or dough remnants cling stubbornly after baking.

Simply put, we’re won over by the ease with which the pan can be cleaned. Rinsing it under warm water with a soft sponge does the trick effortlessly.

Moreover, the maintenance of the KBS Bread Machine is hardly a chore. The non-stick pan, kneading paddle, measuring cup, and spoon can be safely popped into the dishwasher. Our experience shows that this feature saves time and keeps the machine in optimal condition for future use.

Our advice? Follow the given care instructions to maintain the machine’s performance and longevity, as regular care ensures consistent quality in your bread-making adventures. In practical terms, this bread maker simplifies the post-baking cleanup, allowing us to enjoy our homemade loaves with minimal fuss over maintenance.



Customer Reviews

Having had our hands on the KBS Pro Stainless Steel Bread Machine, navigating a wealth of customer opinions revealed a broad consensus. Averaging an impressive 4.4-star rating from a substantial number of owners reflects well on its performance.

Our experience echoes that it offers a range of versatile features, including an automatic fruit and nut dispenser which is a boon to us who love our bread rich and textured.

Some experienced bakers mention the machine is initially noisier during the kneading phase but quiet down subsequently, a minor inconvenience compared to the quality of bread produced. The ceramic nonstick pan is another highlight, offering a healthier and more durable option compared to traditional Teflon coatings.

It’s not uncommon to see remarks on the learning curve for first-timers, with digital settings needing some getting used to. However, once familiar, the process is straightforward.

Of course, some purists may note that the flavor profiles from a bread machine differ from traditional baking due to the shorter fermentation times. The KBS machine is no exception.

While it stands as a reliable kitchen companion for most, there’s always room for improvement. In particular, some users desire more control over the fermentation process to refine the bread’s flavor.

All in all, the majority of users seem to relish the convenience and consistent results of this bread machine, making it a valued addition to our kitchen arsenal.




After spending considerable time with the KBS Pro Bread Machine, we’ve come to appreciate its versatility and user-friendly features. The ceramic nonstick pan is a standout, ensuring that bread comes out easily and cleanup is a breeze. The automatic fruit and nut dispenser is a thoughtful addition, integrating add-ins at the perfect time without any effort on our part.

However, it’s clear that the machine is not completely silent during operation—a small trade-off for the convenience it offers. We’ve experimented with a variety of recipes, from plain white to more complex sourdough, and the results have been consistently pleasing, even if the flavors might not match those of a long fermentation process.

This machine delivers on its promises for those new to bread making or looking to streamline their baking routine. We found that the learning curve is not steep, and the more we use it, the more we appreciate the nuances of its programmable settings.

Despite some limitations in customizing the bread-making process, the overall functionality and quality of the bread produced make the KBS Pro a reliable kitchen companion.



Frequently Asked Questions


What are the key features of the KBS Stainless Steel Bread Machine?

From our experience, the KBS Bread Machine shines with its rich set of features. Its versatility comes from 17 programmed settings that can handle everything from French bread and whole wheat to jams and yogurt. There’s even a setting for gluten-free bread.

The large actual capacity is perfect for making 1 to 2-pound loaves. The non-stick ceramic pan is also a plus, freeing you from worrying about harmful chemicals and making cleanup a breeze. With a powerful 710-watt motor that works quietly and efficiently, you won’t be disturbed if you let the bread bake overnight.


Is the KBS bread maker easy to use for beginners?

Absolutely! The intuitive digital touch panel makes selecting the cycle, crust, and loaf size straightforward, which is great for novices in the kitchen. Plus, beginners will love the automatic fruit and nut dispenser.

It adds ingredients for you at the perfect time during the baking process. The presets are a godsend for those who aren’t yet comfortable with manual settings.


Can the KBS bread machine accommodate recipes for individuals with dietary restrictions?

Indeed, it can. One of our favorite aspects of this machine is its specialized settings for different dietary needs, including a gluten-free program. This feature allows individuals with restrictive diets to enjoy a variety of bread without concern, making it a thoughtful design choice by KBS.


What is the reliability of the KBS pro stainless steel bread machine over time?

Our experience with the KBS Bread Machine has shown it to be reliable over time. The unit’s sturdy stainless steel design, combined with a powerful motor that’s built to last, reflects a commitment to durability.

It also incorporates an overheating protection function, which serves to prolong the machine’s life. KBS’s ETL certification and two-year warranty add an extra layer of trust for long-term usage.


How versatile is the KBS 17-in-1 bread maker in terms of the types of bread it can produce?

The machine’s versatility is truly impressive. With a KBS, we’ve had the opportunity to create a range of bread types that go far beyond basic white bread. Whether it’s pizza dough, a rustic French loaf, or even a dense, wholesome whole wheat, the 17-in-1 programs provide plenty of options. The three loaf sizes and crust color choices allow for further customization, satisfying anyone’s preference for how they like their bread.



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