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Are you looking for the ultimate kitchen gadget? But what if I told you that I might have found a contender? It’s the Cuisinart TOA-70 Air Fryer. I’ve tested it in my kitchen, and I’m here to share my honest insights. In this review, we’ll discuss its features, how it performs, and if it’s really worth your hard-earned money. Is this air fryer a game-changer or just another appliance? I’ll give you the real scoop. Keep reading to discover if the Cuisinart TOA-70 is the missing piece in your kitchen!

Cuisinart TOA-70 Air Fryer Review:
Top Kitchen Buy

If you’re looking for a versatile kitchen appliance, the Cuisinart TOA-70 might just be your next countertop companion. Its ability to bake, grill, broil, and warm, not to mention its air frying capabilities, cater to a variety of cooking methods, all in one sleek stainless steel package. During our test run, the air fry setting effortlessly crisped up chicken wings while the convection bake mode delivered an evenly cooked 12-inch pizza with a golden-brown crust.

However, it’s important to be aware that not all users have the same experience. While many praise it for its quick preheat times and the quality of toast it produces, others have noted a difficult-to-read dial and the toaster’s performance not meeting their expectations. The included oven light and accessories like the oven rack, baking pan, AirFry basket, and grill offer convenience. But there have been a handful of reports about unusual smells during initial use, which may be a consideration for those sensitive to such issues.

Cuisinart TOA-70 Air Fryer Review

Bottom Line

The Cuisinart TOA-70 holds its own as a multi-function appliance. It’s perfect if you’re looking to replace several older kitchen devices with one modern unit. With its considerable capacity and user-friendly features, it stands out as a strong contender in its category.

Considering the TOA-70’s diverse cooking functions and the convenience it brings to the kitchen, making it a part of your home feels like a solid step.
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Overview of the Cuisinart Air Fryer + Convection Toaster Oven

Exploring this multipurpose kitchen appliance, you’ll find it’s designed to cater to a variety of cooking methods. The unit aims to simplify your cooking experience with multiple functionalities, from air frying to broiling and grilling. You can easily toast six slices of bread or air fry three pounds of chicken wings, among other tasks.

Users have appreciated its quick preheat times and its proficiency in making toast. The spacious interior is large enough to accommodate a 12-inch pizza, which is ideal for those days when you crave a homemade pie. However, some have noted issues such as the appliance emitting a strong, unpleasant chemical smell upon initial use.

The inclusion of an oven light, alongside several other accessories, supports monitoring your food without opening the door and disrupting the cooking process. Cleanup is generally straightforward due to the nonstick interior. However, visibility issues have been reported with the control dials, which could be problematic in poorly lit kitchens.

It’s notoriously hard to please everyone. With this oven, it seems the toast function has been a pain point for some, with complaints about uneven toasting. On the brighter side, the stainless steel design has a sleek look, potentially adding a touch of sophistication to your kitchen countertop.

In essence, if you’re seeking an oven that can multitask and save you from the clutter of multiple gadgets, this might be a strong contender, provided you can overlook some of its weaknesses.

8-in-1 Versatility

Your cooking game changes completely with the Cuisinart TOA-70. This isn’t an ordinary kitchen appliance. It’s a culinary multitasker that’s designed to replace a clutter of gadgets. With this powerhouse, you have the flexibility to air fry crispy chicken wings, toast up to six slices of bread for breakfast, or use the convection bake function that circulates hot air for quick and even cooking. It’s a superb way to bake a 12-inch pizza to perfection.

If you’re not in the mood for baking, switch to the broil setting for a perfectly grilled steak or the dedicated grill function for some delicious skewers. And, on those busy nights when a warm meal is comforting, the warming feature comes to the rescue, keeping dishes at the ideal temperature until you’re ready to serve.

The ease of selecting functions and setting temperatures is noteworthy, thanks to the intuitive controls. The unit ensures even, consistent results, whether toasting bread to your preferred shade or using the convection broil feature for a golden, crispy fish fillet. After cooking, cleanup is a breeze, thanks to its nonstick interior. It’s a flexible cooking companion that excels across a wide variety of tasks, making it a standout in the crowded field of kitchen appliances.

Generous Capacity

When thinking of multi-function kitchen appliances, you might often worry about the space they take versus the utility they offer. The Cuisinart TOA-70 Air Fryer strikes a fine balance here, demonstrating that you don’t need to compromise on cooking capacity. In your kitchen, this appliance sits comfortably with compact dimensions, yet when you open it, there’s ample room to cook a variety of dishes.

Whether you’re looking to bake a batch of cookies, air fry chicken wings for the game, or even grill some vegetables, you’ll find the interior space quite accommodating. It simplifies meal prep for family gatherings without the need for multiple appliances. The oven’s design makes it easy to bake and broil with confidence, knowing that there’s enough evenly distributed heat to cook your food thoroughly.

On the flip side, if your kitchen space is limited or you’re cooking for one, it’s worth considering if this appliance’s size aligns with your needs. While its capacity is generous, it may be more than a solo chef requires. The versatility comes with a footprint that fits best in a kitchen with ample counter space.

Superior Temperature Control

When you’re experimenting with new recipes or revisiting your favorite dishes, having a kitchen appliance that offers reliable temperature control is crucial. The Cuisinart Air Fryer + Convection Toaster Oven excels in this area. Its knob control system is responsive and allows you to make adjustments quickly and accurately. This precision ensures that your food cooks evenly, whether you’re baking a batch of cookies or grilling a steak.

If you’re wary of undercooking or overcooking, you’ll appreciate this appliance’s consistency. The programmable features mean that once you’ve found the sweet spot for your culinary creations, you can replicate it every time with minimal effort. Temperature management is often where kitchen appliances falter, but with this Cuisinart model, your dishes come out as intended.  It’s warm, crispy, or broiled to perfection.

Of course, no appliance is without its learning curve. It might take some trial and error to nail down the exact settings for your favorite meals. But once you’ve dialed it in, the results are reliable. So go ahead, cook confidently, and let your Cuisinart easily handle the element of temperature.

Ease of Cleaning

When it comes to tidying up after meal prep, the Cuisinart Air Fryer + Convection Toaster Oven offers a straightforward experience. With its nonstick interior, you’ll find that most food remnants can be wiped away with minimal effort. If you’ve used the baking pan or AirFry basket, you’ll appreciate that these pieces don’t hold onto grease or crumbs too tenaciously, which is a relief given the mess that cooking can sometimes entail.

However, it’s worth noting that some users have reported a fine gray residue presenting a challenge during the cleaning process. Ensuring this doesn’t become a hindrance requires regular maintenance and possibly a more detailed cleaning routine to keep the tray pristine.

You’re likely aware that ease of cleaning is pivotal for any kitchen appliance, and while this model simplifies the process, it doesn’t completely eliminate the need for occasional elbow grease. Given the variety of functions and accessories, keeping your appliance looking its best is manageable but bears keeping on top of it.

  • The Cuisinart TOA-70 offers versatility and convenience in one appliance.
  • It features multiple functions: toasting, baking, broiling, and air frying.
  • Ideal for saving countertop space with its multi-use capabilities.
  • Boasts a large capacity, fitting a 12-inch pizza or a 4-pound chicken.
  • Can air fry up to 3 pounds of chicken wings effortlessly.
  • Great for hosting dinners or preparing meals for the week.
  • Easy to operate with an adjustable temperature dial and a 60-minute auto shut-off timer.
  • Includes a toast shade selector for perfect toasting.
  • Comes with an oven light, baking pan, and air fry basket for enhanced cooking.
  • Features a nonstick interior for simple cleaning.
  • The TOA-70 is a time-saving, efficient choice for home cooks.
  • The Cuisinart Air Fryer + Convection Toaster Oven’s design might have some downsides.
  • Toasting can be uneven due to the distance between the elements and the bread.
  • A strong chemical odor may be noticeable initially, persisting in enclosed spaces.
  • Control dials have a reflective surface, making it hard to read markings in low light.
  • The unit lacks a digital display and audible notifications, requiring close attention.
  • Included pans may degrade over time, leaving a gray residue.
  • This deterioration raises concerns about the appliance’s long-term durability.
  • Be mindful of return policies, as they may not be straightforward.

Real-World Performance

In the bustling landscape of kitchen appliances, the Cuisinart TOA-70 stands out, boasting functionalities that could simplify your cooking routine. When you first use this 8-in-1 air fryer and convection toaster oven, you’ll notice its ability to heat up quickly. This responsiveness is a boon for those who value efficiency in the kitchen.

However, it’s not without its drawbacks. While it eliminates the need for separate toasters and air fryers, saving space in your kitchen, some users have reported that making toast can be laborious. A couple of slices take up to 9 minutes, which may test your patience during a rushed morning.

On the brighter side, you can count on it for air frying and baking. Those functionalities seem to work seamlessly, mimicking the performance of a full-size oven without monopolizing your counter space. The stainless steel exterior gives it an upmarket look that could blend nicely with modern kitchen aesthetics.

Some users have faced challenges with strong chemical odors during initial uses. It’s a concern if you’re sensitive to smells or question the appliance’s material makeup. Others find the dials difficult to read due to their reflective surfaces, which could be a minor inconvenience if your kitchen isn’t well-lit.

Remember, like any new kitchen gadget, there’s a learning curve to mastering its full capabilities. Overall, the Cuisinart TOA-70 can be a versatile addition to your countertop appliances, but some of its features may not meet everyone’s expectations.

Customer Sentiment

If you’re eyeing the Cuisinart TOA-70 as a potential kitchen upgrade, weighing the collective user experiences is important. Many users are pleased with its multifunctional capabilities, noting it’s a suitable replacement for several other appliances. And it heats up quickly, providing excellent toast. The convenience of fitting it under the counter and its effective substitute role for a full-size oven have been highlights for compact kitchen owners.

On the other end, a segment of users have faced disappointment, particularly with the product’s build quality. Issues such as persistent chemical odors and the development of a gray powder on the tray raise concerns. Additionally, challenges with the visibility of control markings and lack of audible alerts may affect user-friendliness.

Overall, this unit scores a strong 4.5-star rating, indicating that the experience has been positive for the majority. As a potential user, you would benefit from considering both the praise for its practicality and the critiques of its physical attributes before making your decision.

Should You Buy the Cuisinart TOA-70 Air Fryer

After spending some time with the Cuisinart TOA-70 Air Fryer, it clearly has its strengths and weaknesses. On the positive side, the appliance heats up quickly, which is great for those rushed mornings or when you need to whip up a quick meal. Its ability to combine several kitchen devices into one is a significant space-saver. Say goodbye to your standalone toaster and air fryer.

However, it’s not without its faults. A common issue experienced by users is related to toast quality. Those perfect golden slices may not always be what you get. Moreover, some users reported a persistent chemical odor that could be a deal-breaker for sensitive noses. The interface also presents challenges. Its reflective surface and lack of backlighting can make it tricky to use.

If you can overlook these gripes and focus on the convenience and versatility it offers, you’ll find the Cuisinart TOA-70 Air Fryer to be a valuable kitchen ally. But if toast perfection and ease of use top your priority list, you might want to keep looking. Consider your needs as you weigh the pros and cons of adding this device to your countertop.


How does the performance of the TOA-70 model compare to the TOA-60?

When evaluating the performance of the Cuisinart TOA-70 Air FryerTOA-70, it’s clear it has been optimized from previous models like the TOA-60. You’ll notice the TOA-70 heats up quickly, which can be a significant time-saver when you’re in a flurry of cooking activity. Still, it’s essential to recognize that some users expect a more consistent toast shade, which may be an area where the TOA-60 had its strengths. The TOA-70 is spacious and offers versatility in cooking functions. But it’s not without its learning curve to achieve the results you might be accustomed to with the TOA-60.

What are the main differences between the TOA-65 and the TOA-70 models?

When distinguishing between the TOA-65 and TOA-70:

  • The TOA-70 is the newer iteration, offering a more contemporary design and potentially some refinements in usability.
  • A significant difference is the inclusion of a dual-sided grill and griddle plate in the TOA-70, expanding your cooking options beyond what the TOA-65 offers.
  • In terms of capacity, both are generous, but the TOA-70’s design seems to leverage its interior space slightly more efficiently.
  • You might find the control dials on the TOA-70 to be more user-friendly once you get used to them. Some users have commented on the readability of the controls on the TOA-65.
Can aluminum foil be safely used inside the TOA-70 for cooking?

Using aluminum foil inside the Cuisinart TOA-70 Air Fryer is a common inquiry, and the answer is yes, but with caution. Aluminum foil can help with cleanup and prevent sticking, but it should not block any airflow or come into contact with the heating elements, as this can be a risk. It’s advisable to secure the foil so that it does not move around during the convection cycle. Many users utilize foil for various dishes with successful outcomes but always employ it mindfully to keep both your meal and appliance safe.

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