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Are you ready to revolutionize your cooking experience? The Ninja SP101 is not just any oven. It’s a versatile powerhouse that promises to simplify your kitchen routine. This compact, multifunctional oven has been turning heads, and we’re here to tell you why. Keep reading to discover how the Ninja SP101 can elevate your cooking game to the next level!

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Ninja SP101 Review:
Best Multifunction Oven

When your kitchen counter starts to look like an appliance showroom, it’s refreshing to find a gadget that streamlines your space instead of crowding it. The Ninja SP101 has become a staple for a good reason. The ability to flip it up after use is just brilliant. Who knew you could reclaim so much counter space with a simple motion?

After using the Ninja SP101 for the last couple of weeks, it’s clear that its compact size doesn’t compromise its versatility. You get to air fry, roast, and even dehydrate without juggling multiple appliances. The rapid preheat function is a real time-saver. Meals come out in a fraction of the time it takes a traditional oven.

It’s not perfect. The lack of a nonstick interior can lead to some extra elbow grease during cleanup, and the interior space, although ample, might require some adjustments for larger meals. Still, the Ninja SP101 is dependable and marries functionality with space-saving ingenuity.

Ninja SP101 Review

Bottom Line

The Ninja SP101 could be the multipurpose countertop oven that your kitchen is missing.

Its flip-up design and efficient cooking functions simplify meal prep and save space. Plus, with mostly positive feedback on its performance, it’s a strong contender for your next kitchen upgrade.

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Overview of the Ninja SP101
Digital Air Fry Countertop Oven

Ninja SP101 overview

The compact design of the Ninja Foodi Air Fry Oven is a noticeable addition to your kitchen, boasting a space-saving feature that allows it to flip up against your backsplash when not in use. From the delicious crispiness of air-fried favorites to a convenient selection of eight cooking functions, including air roasting and baking, you gain the versatility of multiple appliances in one unit. Cooking times are impressively fast, and with the air roast function, meals can be ready 60% quicker than with a traditional oven.

Your health-conscious side will appreciate the reduced fat content when choosing the air fry mode. If you love toast or bagels, the toast darkness selector ensures every slice is to your liking. Although this versatile kitchen companion can fit up to 6 chicken breasts or a 13-inch pizza due to its large capacity, some users have pointed out that cleaning can be more labor-intensive than expected despite the crumb tray’s inclusion. The device’s speed and efficiency, alongside its sleek design and powerful 1800-watt performance, may justify its place on your counter, considering its multitasking capabilities and quick cleanup features.

Digital Crisp Control Technology

Digital Crisp Control Technology

When you’re looking into countertop ovens that offer precision and versatility, the feature that usually stands out is how well it maintains consistent temperature and airflow. With the Digital Crisp Control Technology in the Ninja SP101, your cooking experience transforms as this technology ensures each meal is cooked precisely. The well-regulated temperature and targeted airflow will impress you, whether you’re air-frying French fries or roasting chicken breasts.

You’ll notice that foods come out crispy on the outside and tender on the inside, which can be quite challenging to achieve in traditional ovens or air fryers without this technology. The capabilities are significant, whether it’s toasting your bagel to the perfect shade of golden brown or dehydrating fruits while preserving their flavors.

Yet, it’s not all smooth sailing. The absence of a dishwasher-safe designation means you’ll be spending more time cleaning than with some comparable units. Despite this, the overall benefits are substantial, considering the reduced fat in air-fried foods and the faster cooking times that don’t sacrifice food quality. With this innovative feature, you might find yourself reaching less often for other cooking appliances.

8-in-1 Versatility

Ninja SP101 versatility

The product shines in transforming your countertop into a multi-functional cooking hub. Imagine having the ability to crisp, roast, broil, and even dehydrate right at your fingertips. With its 8-in-1 functionality, you can switch from air frying for a healthier alternative to deep-fried treats, to air roasting a chicken for dinner, to baking muffins for dessert, all in one appliance. Plus, the ability to keep food warm ensures that every dish lands on the table at the perfect temperature.

It’s not just about variety. The machine also claims to speed up the cooking process with up to 60% faster cooking times compared to traditional ovens, especially notable when you’re in a rush. Additionally, the convenience of getting your morning toast or bagel done to your exact preference is a small yet significant touch.

Yet, it’s not without its trade-offs. Although not dishwasher safe, the oven compensates with design elements aimed at simplifying cleanup, such as the removable crumb tray and an accessible back panel. While its performance in versatile cooking is strong, some users may wish for easier maintenance routines. As for reclaiming counter space, the ability to flip the oven up and away is a smart space-saving feature, particularly in smaller kitchens.

Reduced Fat for Healthier Eating

Reduced Fat for Healthier Eating

When you’re aiming for a healthier lifestyle, cutting down on fat is often a priority. The versatile design of this oven enables you to indulge in your favorite dishes. The air fry feature stands out for offering up to 75% less fat compared to classic deep frying. Who doesn’t love guilt-free French fries? The taste and texture remain indulgent, yet you can enjoy them more often, knowing they’re better for your health.

The remarkable technology behind the crisp control ensures you’re not sacrificing flavor for nutrition. Cooking with this device doesn’t just help with fat reduction. It’s also time-efficient, cooking meals significantly faster than traditional methods. Whether you’re preparing chicken breasts or pizza or toasting some bagels, it’s evident that this air fry oven is a game-changer for anyone eager to maintain a balanced diet without losing out on the joy of great-tasting food.

Cleaning up is just as straightforward as cooking. The crumb tray and easy-to-reach back panel make post-meal tidying a breeze. Remember, kitchen real estate is valuable. The oven’s flip-away feature ensures your counter stays clutter-free. This appliance checks all the boxes for those seeking a healthier, more spacious, and more efficient kitchen experience.

Faster Cooking Times

Faster Cooking Times

You’ll appreciate how this appliance revolutionizes your meal prep with its swift cooking abilities. Traditional ovens can seem sluggish in comparison, but with this machine, dishes come to life up to 60% faster when you select the Air Roast function. Imagine sitting down to a full meal in roughly 20 minutes. It’s a feat that once required nearly an hour in a conventional oven.

The quick preheat feature is genuinely impressive. It readies the appliance in a mere 60 seconds. This pace enables you to move from prepping to cooking almost instantly, streamlining your kitchen activities efficiently. Despite its rapid heating and cooking, the oven doesn’t compromise on results. Whether you’re roasting chicken breasts or toasting bagels, you’ll find your food cooked evenly, with a satisfying exterior crispness and a juicy interior.

While you’ll enjoy the reduced wait times, some users noted that the non-stick surfaces might require extra cleaning during cleanup. However, these minor inconveniences barely detract from the convenience and speed that this countertop oven brings into your home.

Large Cooking Capacity

Ninja SP101 Review, Large Cooking Capacity

When considering a kitchen appliance that can handle various cooking tasks, the device’s capacity is crucial. With the Ninja SP101, you’ll find the spacious interior a significant advantage, especially when preparing meals for family gatherings or batch cooking for the week. The generous space inside this countertop oven is cleverly designed to cook multiple items simultaneously, which saves you time and energy.

The oven’s interior can comfortably accommodate a 13-inch pizza, toast up to nine slices of bread, or even easily fit a full tray of snacks for air frying. This is a game-changer for quick and efficient meal preparation. While other compact appliances might limit you to small portions, the Ninja SP101 stands out with its ample cooking area.

On the flip side, be mindful that a larger cooking space in a countertop oven requires a bit more counter space in your kitchen. However, the oven’s thoughtful flip-up design helps mitigate this by freeing up counter space when the oven is not in use. With this oven, you get the balance of a large cooking capacity without permanently sacrificing kitchen real estate.

Space-Saving Design

Space-Saving Design

When it comes to kitchen appliances, your counter space is prime real estate. The Ninja SP101 respects that, featuring a unique flipping design that allows it to rest vertically against your backsplash when not in use. This feature halves its footprint and adds to a tidy kitchen space.

Its versatility is impressive. However, don’t be mistaken that its compact storage compromises its capacity. The oven has enough room to fit a 13″ pizza or toast 9 slices of bread, making it just as capable as bulkier competitors.

Cleaning is often a concern with kitchen gadgets, but here, crumbs and debris are less of a hassle thanks to an accessible back panel and removable crumb tray.

While some might miss a dishwasher-safe label, the user-friendly design helps streamline the regular maintenance of your SP101, ensuring a clean and organized kitchen counter. Overall, your valuable kitchen space is optimized without sacrificing the performance of a full-size oven.

Pros and Cons

When assessing kitchen appliances, it’s wise to weigh the benefits and drawbacks to determine if the product suits your culinary needs and space. The Ninja SP101 Air Fry Countertop Oven is a versatile tool with a flip-up feature that significantly conserves counter space, among other notable advantages. However, no product is without its limitations, and this one is no exception.

  • Space Efficiency – Fliping up and storing against your backsplash is a space-saver, especially in smaller kitchens.
  • Fast Preheat – With a speedy 60-second preheat function, meals can be ready in as little as 20 minutes, which is ideal for those with a busy lifestyle.
  • Reduced Fat Cooking – When using the Air Fry function, you can enjoy your favorite fried foods with up to 75% less fat than traditional frying methods.
  • Multiple Functions – With 8-in-1 capabilities, it’s more than just an air fryer. It can roast, broil, bake, toast, and even dehydrate.
  • Cooking Speed – It can cook meals up to 60% faster than a regular oven using the Air Roast option.
  • Large Capacity – The interior is spacious enough to fit a 13-inch pizza, nine slices of toast, or six chicken breasts at once.
  • Toast Darkness Selector – Customize how light or dark you prefer your toast, ensuring every slice is to your liking.
  • Ease of Cleaning – The inclusion of a removable crumb tray and an accessible back panel simplifies cleanup.
  • Learning Curve – For those transitioning from traditional ovens or toaster ovens, there might be an initial adjustment period to familiarize them with the functions and cooking times.
  • Sticky Situations – Despite its many functions, the non-stick surface may not live up to expectations, leading to challenging cleanups for sticky or baked-on foods.
  • Durability of Non-stick Surface – Over time, you might find that the non-stick quality diminishes, echoing the experiences of some users with similar non-stick appliances.

This countertop oven seems to blend convenience with functionality, accommodating the fast-paced lifestyle of modern cooking while offering a range of cooking options. On the flip side, there may be a few kinks to work out with the non-stick surface. It suggests that while the oven scores high on innovation and design, it’s still subject to kitchen appliances’ typical wear and tear.

Customer Reviews

After spending some quality time with the Ninja Air Fry Oven, it’s clear that it offers more than just a sleek, silver design. Its popularity is unmistakable, with a high average rating from over 27,000 users. Customers often highlight the innovative flip-up feature, which has proven to be a genuine space saver in the kitchen.

What stands out is its rapid preheating ability, which users find to be a real time-saver. It seems that the compact interior cooks food quickly and more efficiently than some may expect from a countertop oven. The eight functionalities have also received praise for their versatility, easily handling everything from bagels to roast chicken.

However, it’s not all about convenience. Some users have voiced concerns over the non-stick claim, noting that cleaning can be a challenge and may require some elbow grease or multiple washes. Others point toward minor annoyances that detract from the otherwise stellar experience.

Your experience with the oven may vary, but it’s certainly positioned itself as a strong contender for those looking to combine multiple cooking functions in one compact appliance.

Should You Buy The Ninja SP101?

After spending some time with the Ninja Air Fry Countertop Oven, it’s clear that it stands out in the crowded field of kitchen appliances. The flip-up feature is a real space-saver, which you’ll appreciate if your countertop real estate is precious. Its ability to preheat quickly is impressive, allowing for faster cooking times. You’ll find it heats food evenly, and the various functions add versatility to your cooking repertoire.

However, it’s not without its flaws. The claim of non-stick surfaces may fall short. Some users have had difficulties with food residue, requiring a bit of elbow grease during cleanup. If you’re moving from a larger oven, you might notice the interior space is somewhat limited.

Overall, if you’re looking for an appliance that saves space without sacrificing functionality, the Ninja Air Fry Oven could be a valuable addition to your kitchen. While there’s a slight learning curve and potential cleanup concerns, the benefits it offers make it worthy of consideration for your next culinary adventure.


How does the Ninja SP101 compare with other models in terms of cooking performance?

The Ninja SP101 stands out in its cooking performance. Several users mentioned how it cooks faster and more evenly than some of its competitors. With Digital Crisp Control Technology, your experience suggests it provides precise temperatures and airflow management. Users appreciate the ability to roast, bake, and even dehydrate with satisfying results. The quick preheat time also adds to its efficiency.

What are the unique features of the Ninja SP101 Oven?

Unpacking the Ninja SP101, you’ll notice features that make it distinct from other ovens. The flip-up feature is a clear standout, offering space-saving benefits unlike any traditional oven. The wide range of functions, from air frying to bagel toasting, consolidates the utility of multiple appliances into one. Also, it has a toast darkness selector, an uncommon feature that ensures your bread is toasted exactly to your preference.

Can the Ninja SP101 Oven replace other kitchen appliances?

Given your experiences, the Ninja SP101 does seem capable of replacing a handful of kitchen gadgets. You can fail to use your conventional toaster, dehydrator, or even your standard oven for the majority of tasks, thanks to its 8-in-1 functionality. Meals from crispy air-fried snacks to dehydrated fruits come out perfectly, making it a versatile addition to your kitchen that can free up appliance clutter.

What are the space-saving advantages of the Ninja SP101 Oven design?

The design of the Ninja SP101 has been frequently praised for its space-saving feature. The ability to flip it up and store it against the kitchen backsplash means it takes up less counter space, which is beneficial for those with smaller kitchens. Users find this feature useful for saving space and making the cleanup easier as the crumb tray becomes more accessible.

How energy-efficient is the Ninja SP101 Oven compared to conventional ovens?

From a practical standpoint, the Ninja SP101 is more energy-efficient compared to many conventional ovens. It heats up incredibly quickly, thanks to its 1750-watt power, and notably, it cooks up to 60% faster than a traditional oven when using the Air Roast function. This results in less energy consumption overall, as you’re cooking for shorter periods and avoiding the need to heat a larger space.

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